An Interview with NE, Asier Irazabal


Why did you decide to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program?

I saw it as an opportunity to develop a project in which I had been working for a while and that includes the design of clothes and it’s a subject that I knew almost nothing about before this experience.  This program facilitates carrying out the ideas of curious and enterprising people. These ideas may be within the scope of various artistic disciplines so it is necessary to establish this type of connections and synergies.  Without programs like this and autonomously, it is very difficult to innovate, develop or carry out projects in a multidisciplinary and transversal environment, that’s why I signed up.


How would you describe your experience in the clothing firm Esteban Cortazar?

It has really been a pleasure to work with a team of people with such talent and in a company in which everyone is a family. And with Esteban Cortazar, it’s an honor to work with him, be close at key moments in the creative process and be part of your team for three months.


Which were your daily tasks?

I have taken care of recording BTS video (behind the scenes) during the castings, fittings and photo session and in general throughout the creation process. I could record images that another camera could not have recorded which includes an interview with the designer himself.  I have also edited gifs and videos for Instagram and I have produced content exclusively aimed at promoting the sale of clothing in online platforms.


– How do you think you have contributed to the fashion company and what has this one brought to you? 

I have contributed my vision and creativity when producing videos and my intuition as to where to put the focus when things are happening. The company has given me knowledge about the fashion industry from within, which I would never have obtained otherwise, thanks to the total immersion in the processes of the company.


– Has this experience changed your vision of the future? 

More than my vision of the future, some plans have changed. Processes that he thought were complicated turned out to be easier, and viceversa. What has been learned during the exchange will help shape everything that is produced in the future.