As a recent graduate of architecture studies, I decided to gain new experiences and inspirations in a successful studio of the Slovak artist based in Rotterdam, Tomáš Libertíny, in order to develop my own business.

Alongside studying at the university, I’ve had many opportunities to work in several areas of architecture and construction, however, solely within a local context. And that was the reason why I decided to take a chance to broaden my knowledge abroad even after graduation. Moreover, Studio Libertiny has a rich history creating works of art situated in the environment of modern architecture and the intriguing public space.

Besides the unique opportunity to spend time in the workshops and participate in the creative processes of the studio, participation at meetings and discussions with potential clients and managers of various institutions was highly enriching. All that helped me to gain new insights and approaches to creating and developing my own business plan. Now I am finding a greater correlation between art and architectural space. In particular, the city of Rotterdam – Mecca of Modern Architecture, where I spent two and a half months – is a great example of such an approach.

Seemingly it wasn’t just me who was truly enriched by the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange, but also the host, as is shown by our co-operation even after the end of residency. With Tomáš, we are open to further cooperation and professional challenges, which will certainly bring us new contacts and space for development. We both consider this exchange to be successful.