Matúš Draganovský is a young Slovak entrepreneur working in SUVko Coaching company. It serves to provide soft-skills training and service to develop communication, presentation, sales, and leadership skills. Matúš decided to gain some new inspiration and qualification to develop his own business. Moreover, he wanted t test his know-how as well as expand horizons. That’s why he applied for EYE programme.

His host entrepreneur was Ville Kuusinen owning a family company Ale Portar AB. Their sector of activities contains architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. Matúš got a chance to participate in creating an employer branding strategy which evolved from solid HR processes.

He was pleasantly surprised when facing managers‘ approach. They have scheduled activities for the whole week and after discussions had a meeting focusing on some Design Sprint activities targeted. The team spirit, work environment, and public communication were just of the examples. Furthermore, Matúš was involved in the work system of Swedish firms by being a part of managers‘ meetings.

The hosting company and him plan to cooperate for the future. Matúš points out that it is important to communicate properly with the people before any project and to have a good data collection is a key to success. Some things worked better in Sweden and some didn’t, obviously it was not a fairytale.  However, if we develop the potential and trust the whole process, it doesn’t matter in which country we are.

Except that Matúš got new suggestions for his company and tested his own prototypes, the Ale Portar AB got new fresh air to their family company to continue the development. Last but not least, both parties made strong friendship. Their next meeting is going to take place in Košice for IIHF World Championship 2019.